Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Choosing Colours

After the success of my 2013 project - 365 Granny Squares I have decided the my 2014 project will also involve wool, although I am hopeful it will be slightly less tine consuming!
This year I plan to knit two rows of a scarf every day, the colour of these rows will depend on the colour of the sky wherever I am at midday!
I have chosen five colours to signify the weather - a bright blue for a totally cloudless sky, a paler blue for days when there is just the odd cloud, a cream for mostly cloudy days, a pale grey for cloudy and a bit of rain and a dark grey for the truly terrible never stops raining days!
The scarf will be 54 stitches wide and knitted on size 4mm needles. I intend to change the pattern at the start of each month..........

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